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StarHub Enterprise Messaging is a proven high-performance mobile messaging platform for Singapore enterprise and government organisations.

Web SMS Messaging

Mobile Messaging & Alerting

Web SMS messaging is an effective solution to improve communications for your business with no installation or deployment required. From any web browser or connected mobile device you can send high-volume SMS messages through the use of desktop messaging and enable your customers and employees to receive and respond rapidly via SMS.

Create Broadcast SMS Campaigns

Leverage the immediacy and reliability of SMS mobile messaging to jump-start and scale your business communications. Cut costs of expensive phone calls with quick and convenient SMS. Use the powerful broadcast SMS campaign management tools to mail-merge and personalize campaigns, define message expiration parameters, and quickly create and edit contacts before sending bulk messages to large group of customers.

Enterprise Messaging Admin & Reporting Portal

Coordinate messaging campaigns, user permissions and SMS messaging reports via the advanced online account admin portal. Get real-time feedback, allocate message quotas and cost centres, and generate and schedule comprehensive message delivery reports to measure the success of your campaigns.

Inbound SMS Messaging

Enable Two-Way Inbound & Outbound SMS Messaging

Enable full two-way interactive SMS conversations. SMS keywords are used to enable inbound mobile messaging campaigns, and the cloud solution includes comprehensive campaign creation, automation, management and reporting tools.

Inbound Mobile Messaging Campaigns

Enable your mobile users to send an SMS text message from their mobile device with a keyword that routes the messages to your web portal, email system, application or website. Our intelligent inbound software service automatically sorts, parses, responds (replies) or forwards based on your pre-defined parameters.

Achieve Inbound Messaging Automation

Enable your system to automatically take action based on mobile user requests. Use inbound messaging for employee or community outreach programs, surveys and mobile workflow integration with existing IT systems.

Programmable APIs for Mobile Messaging Integration

Enhance Existing IT Applications

Integrate mobile messaging features with existing IT systems using SMTP, WSDL, HTTP, and RESTful. The smart APIs enables powerful mobile messaging tools for your business to leverage the reach of SMS. Create a variety of value added services for customers and employees by Integrating APIs with existing software.

Customisation at Your Fingertips

Access a range of powerful APIs to develop custom solutions with SMS functionality without the need for additional customer-premise hardware and save costs. Use online portal for API administration and leverage the reach of SMS to send reminders, notifications and alerts.

Extend New Messaging Capabilities

Automate business processes and build state-of-the-art SMS solution to send and receive 2-way SMS messages. Improve productivity by automating SMS messages to integrate with ERP, HR or CRM systems to communicate with customers or employees.

Send SMS Using Email

Send Email to SMS and Boost Mobile Response Rates

Easily use your existing desktop or web-based Email program or Email system to send SMS messages to your customers or staff. This allows the convenience of Email but uses SMS, which is proven to yield a higher response rate than Email.

Use Email to SMS to Reduce Costs

SMS can often be used instead of a phone call to cut costs with quicker and more convenient SMS messages. Email to SMS is even easier, using standard email software to send SMS to save time and boost employee productivity via rapid one-to-many mobile SMS communications.

Robust SMTP API Enables Email2SMS Automation

Email SMS is deployed and being used globally across industries such as healthcare, retail, government, emergency, finance, and more. Our robust SMTP APIs easily integrate with your existing business IT applications, databases and software systems that are capable of sending email to extend high-volume SMS mobile messaging.

One-Time Passwords via SMS for 2FA

No Costly Hardware or Tokens

SMS one-time passwords can reduce or eliminate the cost and logistical overhead associated with the purchase, distribution and maintenance of additional hardware tokens for 2-factor authentication.

Improve Operational Security

Authenticator leverages the ubiquity of SMS on mobile handsets to deliver temporary one-time passwords (OTP), providing an extra layer of security by using SMS for two-step authentication for your online account users.

Deploys Turnkey or via API

Authenticator can help protect against identity theft and password phishing by requiring an additional layer of protection when users attempt to log in. Integrate with your existing challenge system via API or can deploy our stand-alone application as a highly available geo-resilient cloud hosted platform.

Choose Your Industry

Financial Institutions

Banks, insurance agencies, investment firms and financial institutions use StarHub Enterprise Messaging for mission-critical and high-volume messaging.

Transportation Operations

Discover new ways to improve operational efficiency by integrating StarHub Enterprise Messaging into your operations, logistics and B2C CRM IT systems.

Healthcare Messaging

StarHub Enterprise Messaging is used by healthcare and hospital organizations for patient appointment reminders, staff operations and incident management.

Hospitality Operations

Use StarHub’s enterprise mobile messaging platform to coordinate operations teams, manage incidents and send B2C mobile alerts to your consumers.

Retail Operations

Leverage a proven carrier-grade platform to integrate mobile messaging into your retail operations, logistics, and high-volume B2C mobile alerting.


Learn how governments are using StarHub Enterprise Messaging to send citizen alerts and to manage everything from critical incidents to public events.